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HERO Mission 1: Cliffhanger - Remastered!
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Default HERO Mission 1: Cliffhanger - Remastered! - 12-15-2011, 10:46 PM


This is my Christmas Present to my fellow members. I have decided to go back to my Hero's game and re do my first mission. I am not restarting, but I am improving the AI, fixing graphical issues. Fixing a bit of frame rate. Better Interface, and all around improved everything. You will notice improvement the moment you start up the game. For all of you who were not around to play the origional mission, don't play it! Wait for this new version.

Here is the link to the origional game: Click_Here


Right now, the new updates are:

Smarter AI - If you shoot near them, they hear you and start shooting at you. If you get to close you can knife them, but on higher difficulties, that almost impossible. They hear you walking if you get to close to them.
Working Difficulties - Like COD
Fully Functioning Bloody Screen System
New Music
Improved Reloading Animations
Many Major Glitches Fixed
A New Death Sequence
New Muzzle Flash
No walking through enemies and killing them
Collisions on Some Object
New Voice Acting
Menu Buttons Boxed (So you don't have to click the exact text to select)
Working Silencer Sounds (If you have it on, the sound is silenced, if it is off, it's a normal gun shot sound)
Ending Sequence
New Textures
Opening Cut Scene


It's really rated by me, but there is drug reference and mild violence.


Thanks everyone and stick around for updates!

Enjoy everyone my Christmas Gift to you. My remastered version of Hero's Mission 1!

FEED BACK. I would like the communities feedback on if I'm taking this game to far. I'm referencing a lot to MW2 which was an adult themed game. There is smoking in the opening of the game and I am wondering if the "elders" think I should just remove it. By "elders" I am referring to: X2495iiii, and Arty-fishL

DOWNLOAD_LINK - Version 3.0

Glitches Known: I am aware of the silencer glitch that when you fire, the sound has to stop before the game resumes. It freezes for a split second. There is a slight movement issue in the ending cutscene, and it has a glitchy fade.

Glitches Fixed:
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