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how do i do this?
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Default how do i do this? - 05-21-2011, 05:56 AM

I'm struggling with this question :

A scene contains two different islands, a helicopter, a thief (Cowboy from Oldwest), a Sheriff (from Oldwest), a Magic Hat (magicianHat from Object). The helicopter must transport the thief, the Sheriff and the Magic Hat to the other island. If the thief is left alone with the Magic Hat, he will use the hat to disappear and escape and the game ends. If the thief is left alone with the Sheriff, the thief will get caught and the game ends. The thief and the Sheriff behave themselves when the helicopter is on their side of the island. The helicopter can carry one item at a time to the other island.

A mouse click can select one of helicopter/thief/Sheriff/Magic Hat. If the helicopter is clicked on, the empty helicopter moves from the first island to the other island.

If one of thief/Sheriff/Magic Hat is selected and the helicopter is on the same side of the island as the selected object, then the object and the helicopter move (at the same time) to the other island. Attempting to select a thief/Sheriff/Magic Hat object that is on the opposite island to the helicopter will cause the player to lose the game.

If the thief escaped or the thief was caught, then the game is lost. If the game is lost, a YouLose object becomes visible and the game stops.

The player wins the game if the thief and Sheriff and Magic Hat end up on the second island (compared to their starting position on the first island). In this case a YouWin object becomes visible and the game stops.

and this is what i did so far
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