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We landed on the moon.......or did we?!??!!!
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Cool We landed on the moon.......or did we?!??!!! - 12-16-2010, 12:47 AM

Well, some of the conspiracy theories are pretty convincing about not actually having landed on the Moon....but I can tell you today, that I was able to land the Lunar Lander on the Moon today at 11:50 PM CST! :-D

I did it as a class assignment at Dallas County Community College. I learned how to work with parts of the Lander (the door) and also had two aliens approach the Lander (as outlined in the Programming with Alice and Java book by John Lewis and Peter DePasquale.

I had to scrap my first world because I got the camera all out of whack and thought it easier to start with a fresh angle rather than try to move the objects around to make them enter the field of view appropriately. I realize that at some point, when I start working with more objects, I will have to be more careful with the camera angle and will eventually have to learn how to adjust it with more precision.

Question - does anyone know an easy way to get the objects level with the ground after you TUMBLE them? Essentially I'm asking how you would reposition them to normal settings (level with the ground, facing the camera, perpendicular, etc.). Thanks for any help!

Tim S.
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