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Urgent HELP ASAP!!!
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Default Urgent HELP ASAP!!! - 11-27-2011, 11:24 AM

Okay, well this is the deal. I have two things I need to do. . However, I've been pretty confused. I don't know the proper procedures to complete this. Or the proper steps.
I'll just list them as "Projects"
Project 1.

1. Basically, I am supposed to create a Sea world, with a school in which 5 fish are stored in a list/Array. Basically, the fish are supposed to swim in one direction.

In intervals(every 6 seconds), the school is supposed to turn in a random direction. And keep swiming.

My final thing is that I have to make sure that the fish do not go off screen. Basically, modify it so that atleast one fish remains on screen all the time.


2. Make a world with a list or an array that contains bugs. Apparently, when I play the world, the bugs should move pretty quick in different directions. However, it says that if I click the bug, it should dissapear. Furthermore, this "game" is supposed to continue until all of them are done. And it should obviously make it known to me that I have won\

the second step to this is that I'm supposed to modify this world so that in the beginning, the bugs are moving pretty slow. However, each time I click a bug, the other bugs move faster

Anyone know how I can complete these two? Any type of "story board thing"? (basically, list of steps). I'm pretty confused on how to complete it.

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