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ITSE1429 Assign3- RE (Assign3)
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Default ITSE1429 Assign3- RE (Assign3) - 09-18-2014, 02:15 AM

Re: ITSE1429 Assign3- RE (Assign3)

To my fellow classmates in the ITSE1429 class:
I am glad class settled on an alternate forum to use. Now, to return to the actual work for Assignment 3 for class and communicating about our experience in fulfilling the requirements. More to the experience of using methods, I find that using a top-down approach to determine the methods needed and the order to use them is beneficial.

The top-down approach can focus on each object individually. The first method can call them as needed. Within the method, I find that just getting started is one of the most difficult stages. So, just choose a method and then try it with ‘Play’. Repeat. Save. Creating a series of statements that does something useful is usually not too hard. You may find that deleting and/or reverting to a previous world version is a helpful approach.

The next difficulty lies in the ‘Do In-Order’ vs. ‘Do Together’. This is easier if your previous statements are otherwise working. Disable them out and setup the desired ‘Do’ segments. I find willingness for trial and error is the way to go here.

Another tip, is that for longer projects, disable the methods that are functioning well and focus on the work-in-progress methods. This will save time. When the new ones work well, enable the others and run as a package.
Again, thanks and on we go to Advanced Methods.

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Very Good Approach
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Thumbs up Very Good Approach - 09-18-2014, 08:39 AM

Richard- You appear to have adopted a methodology that will serve you well if you decide to continue on a path to a career in programming and system design. The top-down approach can easily be written into a graphical flowchart even before actual coding begins, and helps to decide how build an efficient control structure.

Another thing to consider in Alice2, and other languages, is reusability. If a given object interacts with other components in a world project, then it's most appropriate to build that interaction into a World method or function. If, however, the functionality applies only to the object, then it is better to build it into an internal method or function. This allows you to export the customized object, and then import it into a new world with the code intact. A technique that saves a lot of coding in the real world

Shoot for an "A"

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