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My half-projects. Free for the taking.
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Default My half-projects. Free for the taking. - 11-23-2009, 06:44 PM

Hello, many of you will not likely remember me. I was around during the summer and then vanished. I have become busy and frankly have lost intrest in making alice worlds. I am a gamer and writer at heart who enjoyed an opportunity to create with the great tool that is Alice. I am a decent programmer and capable, but i just don't feel like finsihing these projects. Basically this is an overdue goodbye speech. I will be on rarely simple to look around.

The following alice worlds are free for the taking. If any inspire you or you want to finsih them, go ahead. You have my blessings to use any part of them.

Pong: yes i attempted to make a pong game. This is very early stage. basically only a field.

RR: simple light demo, planned to implement the effect in my rock band game.

spaceflightsim: a simple flight sim. (duh) This was to be a more complicated dogfight and mission oriented game. I got lazy. was going to be part of my spacerobo game below. But the flight engine is a good example.

Ball Out Fun: The first few levels (finished and not) of a children's game. You roll the ball to collect points.

Bedroom: the opening movie for my zombie shooter game. I had the title zombieland long before the movie came out.

maybe i'll post more later.
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File Type: a2w ravingrabbit.a2w (826.4 KB, 31 views)
File Type: a2w spaceflightsim.a2w (1.14 MB, 44 views)
File Type: a2w ball out fun.a2w (1.80 MB, 53 views)
File Type: a2w Bedroom.a2w (5.28 MB, 46 views)

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Great job, i thought the Ball out fun was the best, i could not get the pong working but everything else was great, is there any questions you want to ask me about any problems you had

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Default 11-23-2009, 11:41 PM

Yeah the pong game had little to no programming in it. It was meant to be either 1 or 2 player.

Well I don't mean to sound arrogant but I could finish all of these on my own. I simply lack the will to put any more hours into the projects. I had plans and knew how to execute them. I just went back to playing guitar, writing my novel and heavy school work, so I dropped this.

You were the one with the guitar hero game right? If i can get the file up here I'll post my rock band world too. You can click the dierections menu to play a demo for what I had in mind. (bearing that the file holds together. Big files can work differently on different computers. lag and all.)

Edit: I stripted out most of the songs and characters to shrink the file size and preserve the engine.
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File Type: a2w Alice in Wonder Band.a2w (4.84 MB, 24 views)

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