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Roll 2 objects at a time
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Default Roll 2 objects at a time - 10-02-2008, 06:41 AM


I'm building a small game that flies an aircraft.
I made a small circle with an line in it that displays the aircraft's position to the ground.
I made a world level method that starts during left and right buttons pressed.
It rolls the plane to the left / right and rolls the line in the circle to the left / right with the same speed and rotation.
When i turn the speed further then 1/4th rotation i get a bug.
This doesn't occur when i just turn the plane alone or the line alone, this goes perfectly fine.

How can i resolve this?

Thank you in advance
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Default 10-02-2008, 11:17 AM

You need to post the code for this - or at least the error message. The problem is probably not particularly simple.

One possibility is that releasing a key causes some method to terminate in the middle of a loop. In that case, you will get an "index out of range" error. Even knowing the problem, this can be tricky to find when the error doesn't always occur, as in your case.
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