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Some Suggestions and 1 demand lol
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Default Some Suggestions and 1 demand lol - 07-10-2010, 04:12 AM

I've been using Alice for 3 days now and I think it's awesome.
Here are some things I would add.

1.Collision detection
For example if you've ever used gamemaker there is an option to make objects solid. Alice could have something like this and if an object is solid it can't pass through a solid object and a solid object cant pass through it. BTW In my opinion gamemaker is not nearly as great as Alice.

2.Stretching Objects
I'm not sure if this is already possible but lets say I have a cube and i want to make it wider but not taller. If I use the stretch button it stretches uniformly. There should be a way to make it stretch in one direction or be able to change only width, length or height at one time.

3.Mouse Controls Camera
This is a big one that must absolutely be added. You should be able to control the camera with the mouse without having to click down. This will help soooooooooooooooo much with people trying to make FPSes.

You should be able to save Alice worlds as standalone executables or the mac equivalent (dmg or app ?). Also, can the Export as web page feature be fixed?

5.Mac version and Memory Leakage Problem
I have Alice 2.2 installed on both a Mac and a PC. The PC version runs very smooth, the graphics are nicer and most importantly I haven't had any memory leakage problems with it. On the other hand the Mac version has slightly less graphics quality (expected). Also, when I run it for more than 15 minutes or so it gets extremely laggy, sometimes freezes and I notice all the free space on my hard drive is gone. The space gets freed up when I close or Force Quit Alice but I often end up loosing my work. It's kind of inconvenient to have to save and restart Alice every 10 minutes. But look, I'm not complaining, I'm just letting you know about this bug and maybe it can get fixed. Also, I really like being able to drag a object and place it where I want it to be on the PC version, is there anyway this feature could be added to the Mac version?

That's all I got for now but as I come across things I'll post them up here.

Out of the 7 schools I applied for, Carnegie Mellon is the only one that didn't accept me. They wait listed me, but I hold no grudges. Alice is awesome and Claytronics , om*g. Some one should figure out how to put these two projects together. It would revolutionize not only the gaming industry, but the world... scratch that, the Universe... scratch that, the Multiverse!

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