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"99 Bottles of Beer" in Alice?
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Default "99 Bottles of Beer" in Alice? - 12-08-2007, 05:27 PM


Don't k now if you know about, which tries to write one program in all programming lanugages.

The easiest would be, if they would write in any programming language a "Hello World"-program. For example ind Basic
PRINT "Hello World"
and in C
int main() {printf("Hello World!\n"); return 0;}
and so on.

But they have decided to choose a more complex program. A program called "99 Bottles of Beer".

The other Alice-like languages (Scratch and StarLogo) are already there:

And if you like me, don't know the Syntax of Smalltalk in which Scratch/Squeak is written:

Only Alice isn't there represented. There is only something called "Alice-Pascal".

Possible anybody can port the program to Alice and publish it there.
Hopefully the Syntax of Alice 3.0 will be then the same.
Or waiting then until Alice 3.0 and publish it then with the new syntax, if it wioll be changed.
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