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War Zone 2 (What could have been)
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Default War Zone 2 (What could have been) - 08-11-2009, 01:56 AM

Hey everyone,

I know that you may look at the title with a and you should. A couple years ago, I made the movie War Zone. It was taken very well by people and everyone wanted more. So I tried to deliver but failed. I was working on War Zone 2, Infiltration 2 engine beta, school, getting ready to graduate, all while trying to balance my... me time. Well I got swamped and eventually could not keep the motivation to finish any of the projects. Well, I am hoping to slowly but surely make my way back into the alice community (I can't tell the future, but I can tell you that I want to). I don't think that I will be finishing War Zone 2. Based on the script I wrote, it was an extremely overambitious project that I just didn't have the time to make.

Well, I think that you guys are interested in what could have been, and want to know where I was going with the story and why the project was a little too big for me. I am going to post what I had made so far, along with a script of where I planned on the series to go. I am hoping that I will have the time to work on another project, but I have decided not to complete War Zone 2. Well, I have not completely decided, but I sure as heck don't want to start working on it just to get swamped again (Which could easily happen). Below is the script that I would have used to make the movie, and at the very bottom is the movie itself. This is a long script, so bare with me. Hope you enjoy. (A few notes: The text bubbles were just place holders for the voice overs that I would add later. Secondly, I wanted to add that in the film I was going to incorporate texture changes on the characters and make their mouths move so that it looked like they were actually talking. And lastly, like War Zone 1, all of the animations are custom.)

*Skipping scene that is already in the movie*

Sarah: (Looks around and then looks at John) Hey.

John: (Hugs her) Can you walk?

Sarah: Ill be fine. (looks and sees 2 people coming towards the wreckage.) Get down!

(They both dive behind the leg of the scarab)
(These are the same kind of people that were riding the motorcycles.)
(The are walking around and the leg of the scarab they are hiding behind creeks. This scares the men and they aim their guns at the leg. And start walking towards it.)

John: (whisper) Drop a grenade.

(The guy tells the other to stay back)
(First person view from the guy)
(Walking towards the scarab and it shows the HUD of the man. A list pops up that says: Analyze, Support, Com Link, Nuke (Used). The anylize button lights up and it analyzes the scarab. A white line outlines the scarab and the HUD pulls up a pic of the scarab in the bottom. At the bottom it says Damage assessment: 84.42% damage. Then the grenade goes off. Now the HUD says 92% damage, which quickly changes to bodily damage critical)
(show the other guy and have him raise his gun up. Then have john move around to the side and shoot him.)

John: (turns to Sarah) Alright its clear.

(sarah comes out)

Sarah: What is this thing? (puts her hand on the scarab)
John: It’s the walker that we were fighting.
Sarah: (sits down against the leg of the walker) What do we do now? How do we get to Nilon? We are 10 miles away from the palace. If we travel by foot, he’ll bomb us before we get a mile away.
John: What about the motor cycles?
(flash to john and Sarah on the motorcycles.)
John: Alright, the other cycle is totaled, so lets make this one count.
(He revs the engine and the wheels spin and the front one comes off and rolls away.)
Sarah: That was unexpected. (Looks over and sees rubble) Wait, I have an idea.
(gets off the bike)
Sarah: Did you read the instructions on this gun?
John: Um, well…. You see I was going to….
Sarah: This is a multipurpose gun, which means that it has multiple firing modes. Including a flamethrower.
(Shoots the flamethrower onto a building and it burns it.)
John: Awesome!
Sarah: We can tweak the output force and make a rocket. (She starts messing with it)
John: There is no way that that can lift us.
Sarah: Oh yeah? (Pulls the trigger and it knocks her off her feet)
John: Are you okay?
Sarah: (Getting up) Yeah I’m fine.
John: That still isn’t enough lift.
Sarah: (Walking towards camera) Which is why we will use this (She holds up a large piece of ruble) Here (Throws it and John catches it)
John: How long will this thing last?
Sarah: Enough to get us 10 miles. They used a new fuel in this thing. Packs a lot of punch.
John: (Sighs) Man, we should have taken a vehicle. I underestimated the distance.
Sarah: All right, lets stop thinking of the past. Look ahead. 10 miles north is that demon that killed our parents. And we are going to bring him down. Lets go.
(Flash foreword and they are on the rubble with the guns on their back.)
Sarah: Okay, just pull the trigger and we’ll be off.
John: Hey Sarah, be careful okay.
Sarah: You know I will.
John: All right, GO!
(They both reach back, pull the triggers and then shoot off)
(They are going very fast and then John uses the zoom feature to see that there are 2 soldiers standing and talking)
Soldier 1: Look, a shot on the butt isn’t going to hurt that bad.
Soldier 2: What are you talking about?
Soldier 1: If I shoot you in the butt and you shoot me, we can both go home.
Soldier 2: But what if I die from it?
Soldier 1: You wont, trust me.
Soldier 2: (Bends over) Okay, do it. (Covers his eyes)
Soldier 1: Alright, 3, 2, 1, (At this point, the two fly by and knock him off screen)
Soldier 2: (he is startled by the noise, and grabs his butt. Then he lets go) Your right, it didn’t hurt… Bob? (looks around)
(Show John and Sarah flying riding and then move up as they travel into the horizon)
(Show a few buildings and the main castle that the dictator lives in surrounded by a giant wall and then surrounded by buildings. Then john jumps off the rubble and rolls to a stop.)
John: (Looks and sees a guard standing on a building) (On radio) Hey Sarah, there is a guard on the building, take him out.
Sarah: (Does a handstand on the rubble and then flips onto feet while throwing the rubble. The rubble flies through the air and kills the guard.) Done.
John: All right, to get to the palace, we need to stick to the alleys.
Sarah: But the gate is right there and I don’t see any guards.
John: Just because they are out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean out of mind. They could be hiding.
Sarah: If we run down the road, we will make it 100 times faster. And the more quickly we bring down that mongrel the better. Lets go. (She runs)
John: NO!!
(A giant “Bad Guy Robot” Jumps from the building tops and lands behind her. She stops.
John: Sarah!!! (He runs, takes the gun off his back, and attempts to jump over the robot. It reaches up, grabs his leg and throws him against a building. As john gets up, Sarah picks up a piece of rubble and throws it at the robot. The robot turns and blocks it with his right arm. Now john is to the robots left and Sarah to its right. John runs and leaps over the robots head and slams the gun into the ground barrel first. The gun then fires in rocket mode and flies into the robots chest and kills it.)
John: Come on Sarah. (Both run down the road)
(they get to the gate and Sarah climbs up and pulls the gantline gun on the wall off and shoots the guy who had it and then turns and kills the other guy.)
Sarah: Come on John.
(Camera behind Sarah and show Sarah pulling John up)

Possibly they get to the palace and find that Nilon is escaping on a ship. He takes off and John runs and jumps and grabs the edge of the ship. He flips up and starts punching the ship. He actually damages it because the ship takes off and crashes into the colomn of the palace wall and crashes into the ground. They go over to him and John picks him off the ground and holds him in the air. Sarah is telling him to stop but the hatred for his parents death is overwhelming him. The narrative from the commercial starts as he looks into Nilon’s eyes. At “It took me until now to realize it.” He throws Nilon on the ground, pulls out his gun and shoots (You don’t see him die). He then drops the gun and walks away. Finish the narrative. While saying “and now I know I can never GO BACK!” The camera is spinning around the gun and then shows that Nilon has been spared. As john’s narrative is going, he is walking to the left, and friendly vehicles are passing him to get to Nilon.
John (narrative): The war is over. Nilon has been captured and is standing trial as I speak… So am I, for escaping the army. Treason. Sarah is too, but I think well be fine. Surely causing the downfall of an evil dictator will grant me my freedom. Has to. We’ll return to our lives and everything will be as it was. Life will be the same. Life is always the same. It is as it was as it has always been. And it has been an experience. Unfortunately, my experience is over. Our war has already been settled.
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