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I need some objects...
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Default I need some objects... - 07-16-2011, 09:03 AM

I decided i would do my game a bit differently than i was going to.
I was going to make it a classic zombie shooter,but there are many games made like that already.
I will need some objects for the game...(I know i can make these myself,but the computer i am working with dosent have space for Blender and what not...)
1.Trollface - It may be a sprite too,it may be a 3D model,if someone adds a body to the trollface that would be perfect!
2.A gun,but different than a normal one.I will make a "shrink" gun which will shrink the enemy's body parts to death.I need a cool-looking gun model for it.
3.A different-looking zombie model than the Alice one,i dont really like the Alice one too much.

If i need something else,i will add it.You will definetly get credit in my game!

Yeah,thats my cat on the avatar.

If you like gaming,check out my youtube channel.(Deidara1BG)
I post different videos of gaming there,im going to start posting Alice videos soon,aswell as some commentaries.

If you say "Plz" because it's shorter than "Please" i will say "No" because it's shorter than "Yes".
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Default 07-16-2011, 09:11 AM

1. Already done. Look for a world with someone hiding something behind their back.

2. There's probably upwards of two hundred gun models on these forums. None of them work?

3. You could always re-texture the other people to make them look like zombies.
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i can haz objects?, shrinkinator, trollface

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