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Default virtual reality Alice - 02-28-2007, 05:11 AM

I'm undertaking a somewhat aggressive project. In short, I'm trying to get Alice to render multiple angles on multiple screens simultaneously. The goal is for Alice to be viewed in stereo (so one can perceive depth and be more immersed in the world).

Here at Valparaiso University, we have a VisBox system. It's a virtual reality system, with the basic idea being that everything is rendered in stereo. Using polarized filters, the left eye sees one angle, the right eye sees a slightly different angle, your mind puts them together, and bam: you have a new-age, full-color version of the classic red-blue 3D glasses effect.

The two angles (right eye, left eye) can be expanded beyond the main screen. For now, we have the main screen and the floor beneath (4 projectors total). We hope to soon add side walls, as well. Thus, I would like to be able to scale Alice to stereo with 2 angles, but also 4, or 8, or n angles.

Where might I go about doing this?

The thought came up of some sort of wrapper class that could be utilized strictly at runtime with multiple instances of the world, but that's likely to quickly consume more resources than desired, not to mention dealing with getting all instances of the world to run concurrently and in synchronized fashion.

I've poked around briefly in the source, where I figure I will need to work for this task. I've encountered things such as and related to, which sounds like a good place to start. (This is directed now at those familiar with the source, particularly those who authored it.) Where exactly should I start in here? Am I on the right track?

I have Alice running on our dual dual-core system in Fedora Core 4. For the purposes of our setup, we could either have four large windows (one to fill each display), or we could have one large window (two displays wide, two displays high). I'm open to whatever might work. Take note, however, that the top two displays are overlayed -- and the same with the bottom two.

Thanks to all for any input. It is much appreciated.
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