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Car Test
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Default Car Test - 01-11-2008, 06:19 AM

I am a homeschool teacher. My kids have been learning with the "Learning to Program with Alice" book. We are on Chapter 6, and I have a question. We simply cannot do one of the exercises. Is there any way that one of you geniuses could help us out with the Driver's test exercise.

What needs to happen is:

A car needs to be set up with 5 orange cones. A gate needs to be set up at the end of the cones. That much we can do. What we can't do is this. We need a text saying " You Fail!" to pop up when the car hits the cones or the gate, and a "You Pass!" sign to pop up when the car goes fully through the cones and the gate. Somehow it is supposed to use If/else and a function isTooclose in regards to the car's distance to the cone. Please help us out. We are stumped on this and need help. If anyone would be gracious enough to make this, that would be awesome. I just need to see how it is done, and then I can recreate it for them.

my email is if you can email it.

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