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Space Jump
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Default Space Jump - 08-11-2010, 03:40 PM

I'm having trouble getting Alice to perform something probably very simple. In brief, I'm trying to make my Astronaut jump based on input from the user. My world begins with an Astronaut standing on a lunar landscape. I've programmed in for the user to participate in a game that enables the user to make the astronaut jump with a yes or no command.

After inputting yes, I need the astronaut to jump based on input from the user. An input of 1 will make the astronaut jump 1meter, 2=2 meter and so on through 5.

I've successfully programmed Alice to ask the user if he/she would like to play. I've been successful in getting the Astronaut to jump after an input from the user, but I cannot specify this input (1-5)

Can anyone give me some advice on how I will go about doing this? I've been working on this now for quit sometime and feeling a bit frustrated that I cannot make this program perform such a simple task.

I've attached my Alice program for further assistance.

Thanks Greatly!!!!
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File Type: a2w Week 3-Astronaut.a2w (770.6 KB, 140 views)
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