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Help? I am, new to using ALICE 2.2-- Need assistance
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Default Help? I am, new to using ALICE 2.2-- Need assistance - 11-01-2009, 07:27 PM

I am not familiar with ALICE program. I have a program I have to try and design.

DOes anyone know how to accomplish this, or have any tips that will assist me with accomplishing this??

Create a world that asks the user to enter a rank (a number between 1 and 12) for the Big 12 college basketball teams. A character of your choice (People) should then associate that rank to the name of a team, using the table below. The person should then say the rank and the team name. If the rank entered is not between 1 and 12, the person should say that the number entered was invalid. Either way, the method should ask the user if he or she wishes to enter another rank. If the user selects Yes, the above steps should repeat. Otherwise, the method should end.

Rank Rank Team Name
1 Kansas Jayhawks
2 Oklahoma Sooners
3 Missouri Tigers
4 Nebraska Cornhuskers
5 Texas Longhorns
6 Iowa State Cyclones
7 Texas A&M Aggies
8 Texas Tech Red Raiders
9 Oklahoma State Cowboys
10 Colorado Buffaloes
11 Kansas State Wildcats
12 Baylor Bears

I KNOW how to add the person and have the bubble say, please enter a rank from 1 to 12. But it is there that I get lost. I have tried making new variables, parameters, Events and Methods, and I cannot figure out how to get a billboard or a bubble to pop up and allow the user on the computer to input a number from 1 to ten, then have the person (people) say what team that number is associated with, and if they enter a number that is not 1 thru 12 it should say that the entry was invalid, and ask if they want to enter another rank?????

I am now getting the person (bob) to ask for the user to enter a rank, then I get the "enter a numbeer window" I enter 1 or 2 and I get the first two teams I listed, one after another. I am using the If/Else command to accomplish what I have so far.

Thanks for the assistance.

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