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Question Omg - 12-17-2010, 07:52 PM

On one of my assignments I had to make a Mummy step toward an object. I got everything to move but his butt. Then he was suppose to fall back after the other object performed a mystical move, got the move down but the mommy wouldn't fall backward only sideways. What did I do wrong? Did any of you have that problem?
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Default 12-18-2010, 04:53 PM

One thing you must be careful of in Alice is that for all objects the axes don't change. Therefore, if you want an object to move forward your move method may be telling the object to move backward, so when you play the scene the object would move forward. I think this may be your problem. Think more illogical and try to use different turn and roll methods to get him to do what you want. This has been a major inconvenience in many of my Alice projects.
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Default 12-18-2010, 10:45 PM

If it's that much of an inconvenience for you, have the objects move "asSeenBy" the camera. If the mummy moves asSeenby the camera, even while turning, his direction of motion will not change. This can be done for other arbitrary objects as well, such as the ground or a dummy object.

The "asSeenBy" property can be changed for any method the same way a duration would be: by clicking the downward arrow at the end of the method, then selecting "asSeenBy" from the dropdown menu, then selecting the object you wish to be the axis of movement.
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Smile 12-19-2010, 02:27 PM


I read what you wrote before I began working on my project and I realized that the butt is part of the mummy object, but isn't its own object. So, the only way to move the butt is through using methods on the entire mummy.

I wrote this in my post -

"I shuffled the legs (leg object of the mummy object) to mimic a mummy's walk, but had to create a reverse movement to realign it when I moved the entire body (mummy object). I had to do that because the legs are part of the mummy object and will move forward with the entire body:

mummy.left leg move forward 1 meter
Do together:
mummy move forward 1 meter
mummy.left leg move backward 1 meter"

Hope that makes sense!

Tim S.
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Default 12-19-2010, 07:05 PM

Upload it, and let me see what exactly is wrong. Also, a little suggestion to you, I know you are new to the forums, but I figured that I would make a suggestion nevertheless. Make sure you title your posts something that will attract people's attention, and not something random. For example, I would have titled this post, "Problems With Mummy" instead of "OMG". Lucky for you, I can fix your problem, and I will help. But if it wasn't for the fact that I had checked out the rest of the threads and found nothing of interest to me and wasn't bored, I wouldn't even have opened this thread up. Just something to consider. I don't know about other Alice users, but I would have to say that a thread titled OMG wouldn't exactly increase the chance of me checking it out. In fact, it decreases the chance of me checking it out. Hope this helps! Bye!
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