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How do I go around making....
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Default How do I go around making.... - 09-29-2008, 09:58 PM Action RPG?

I have a project due around December, I just got the assigment today, I know how to code in Java, and I have worked with Alice before, and I was wondering how to go around making an Action RPG Game. By that, I mean a "Walk around hacking and slashing and suddenly level up and assign some stats" kind of game.

Any help will surely be appreciated!

Any resources will be appreciated as well! Specially models I can use for my game!

Thanks alot!

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Arrow well - 09-30-2008, 12:20 AM


what exactly have you got so far? first you should do all you possibly can,
whether it be the animations (do these in separate methods since there is gonna be a lot of em) or the code.. but first do a list of all the things you want

do you want:

- collision detection?
- how many and which power ups
- what kind of weapons and their damage(is the damage affectable by other means)
- is there quests? what are the quests
- how many points until the next level
- how much damage do you get more per level
- what are the places you can visit and what they look like?
- how many enemies per place what are there levels
- can you revive
- can you even die???????
- how much damage per enemy
- how fast your guy moves
- do monsters move?
- can you carry more than one weapon?

this is just to name a few

(p.s, don't go answer all these questions on the forum for me, its only to make you see how much work it can be, and where you want to start putting your time into DESIGNING and creating)


- do a map as big and detailed as you can on paper(a big one if possible (that's how i would start) and where all the monsters are situated on it, including your start position and all the quest parts and anything you can think of, and then build it in Alice AFTER YOU DID IT ON THE PAPER)

- do all the variables in the world (all the enemy healths, yours, your damage, your enemy damage capability, your level, your percentage of level till the next level, the reach of your weapons.. all that you can think of)

- do the methods(actions like the swinging of your sword, your die animation, enemy die animation, the level up animation, pretty much anything that neads animations that you do).

- start form the start... do what you can, and then ask the stuff you need help with then

P.S. although this is probably the coolest games you can make in Alice, they are also among the hardest/longest to make...
P.S.S. if you need help with stuff, FIRST search the forums thoroughly for it, and THEN ask.

if your new at Alice, i suggest either doing something less complicated, but if i where in your shoes, (and had less homework than i do), i would for sure attempt this, since you have until December...

hope to hear from you soon



im back!!! FINNALY!!! got windows working on my mac again!!!
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Default 09-30-2008, 11:14 AM

All right!

That really sets the way for me to go around doing it, exactly what I needed, me and my group were gonna just go straight to Alice, but, starting from paper seems like it's the best way to do it.

Thanks a lot for your help, and I'll definitely work on getting this done!

I've done other stuff in Alice, but the only 'game' I've made, was controlling a raft and getting flags, I'll keep you updated on how it's coming along .

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