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Help! I am so confused!!
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Default Help! I am so confused!! - 10-13-2008, 09:10 PM

Okay, so I am doing a worksheet for computer science and I am so lost. Can you guys help me?

I have several questions that I do not understand, and after I ask them I will put my answer choice below it. Can you please correct me?:

#1: Which instuction is required in all functions?
a) terminate
b) SendBack
c) end
d) return

I think it is (C), the others do not really make sense to me.

#2: You can use this primitive method to call to move the camera to a dummy object.
a) camera.move to dummy object
b) camera.move
c) camera.set point of view to
d) You call the dummy object's restore camera method

I think (A). But maybe (C).

#3: Property specifying that one object will move WITH another.
a) vehicle
b) movesWith
c) coupledTo
d) joinedWith

I am pretty sure it is (A).

#4: Why should you not call one object's class-level method from another object's class level method? (Short answer)
Is it because it may not function the same way?

#5: You have a long series of instructions you want to execute at world level. Instead of writing one big method, how can you apply the process of divide and conquer? (Short answer)
So confused. Help!?!?!

#6: How do you add a vehicle?

That wasn't actually the question, but I need to know that to answer it.

#7: What would be a simple way to make and object move with the camera in a world where the camera moves about?
Would it be to make the object a vehicle to the camera?
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conquer, divide, function, vehicle

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