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Thumbs up Appreciation - 02-22-2009, 07:05 AM

Hey everybody!
This is my first post here, and I wasn't sure where to start.. but here goes.
I was introduced to Alice in 2008 by my Computers Class teacher, and I instantly latched on. The program opened new borders for me, and although it is not exactly perfect (cough), it gave me a lot to work with. Recently, I have wanted to try out Java or some other more open programming language, but I never get around to it.. So far, therefore, I'm sticking with Alice.

Since the begging of this school year, I have been working on a major Alice project with several classmates, called Aces of War (check out my gallery for some more details). More recently, I have also started some independent projects.

It is with this post that I would like to thank the entire Alice community. For although this is my first post, it is far from my first visit. I have visited these forums many times, and gained heaps of advice from other people's questions. I would especially like to thank members such as DickBaldwin, DrJim, madden, Chris101b and rich0e0rick. Many problems that my friends and I experienced had solutions in some of the worlds that you have shared with the community, and they helped spark new ideas and implementations. Our entire classroom has benefited from your work!

To quote DrJim:
"I had no idea that there were 166 worlds available - can't understand why so many posts are by people complaining they can't come up with ideas."
By sifting through many posts from the users mentioned above, amongst others, I have gained immense amounts of help and advice.

So thank you, all members of the Alice Community! Keep on being friendly and supportive :]

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appreciation, community, inspiration, sharing, thank you

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