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Town of the Dead {WIP}
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Default Town of the Dead {WIP} - 11-16-2010, 04:47 PM

Updated: v1.0

Finished version.

I actually finished this about 5 monthes back for a school final project, just never got around to uploading it actually. But thanks for the comments guys, and sorry for the wait, i just happened to be checking the forum since i know a new school semester started a while ago and you may also be working in a final school project also.

Feel free to use my game a reference to help you guys out with your programming. Its pretty straight forward with commands. And i got a 95% for a first year computer programming coarse with this game so it was good for marks. This will probably also be my last update, or anything on the alice forums, since i will be moving onto C++ for next year in computer programming.

Updated: v0.3

*Slightly bigger file with more models*

-Some more to the game
-Game Over Screen (didn't add it till now XD)
-Intro Cinamatic
-Fixed up some code
-Moved camera up slightly (for better... something???)

Going to work on:
-More parts (just trying to get the game done first, and adding some small stuff.)
-The new gun
-Better lighting? (if I can figure it out.)

If there are any problems, comments, etc please tell me, i never fully tested this correctly when i uploaded this version.

Updated: v0.2

-The long reload and ammo counter delay.
-Difficulty, so health is set correctly now.

-One more part to the game, a small one.
-Colaborater, now you can reload from all sides. (up down left and right)
-Special screen for cinamatics, black tiles comes from the bottom and top of the screen and HUD dissapears.

Basically mingled around with the code a bit and added some stuff.

For later, planning to add/fix:

-Maybe another weapon. (SMG? with limited ammo)
-More parts to the game.
-A new type of zombie? (ranged)
-Fix up the lighting and better scenery
-An intro video, with background story.
-Add an animation to go with the walking pause in the beginning.

Please post comments and questions.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

This is what I have so far, due to the fact too much stuff is running at once, it lags quite a while, such as the ammo check, I'm attempting to fix that right now buy thinking of a way to make it more simple. I was planning on posting it later when i made more of the game, but what the heck, might as well. Still need to add some audio and sound effects, maybe an intro, and a couple of scenes to add to the mood, but all in good time, i guess...

But anyways here it is, still don't have much, I'll add more as i go along and have spare time. Only have 2 parts so far, and hoping to finish it so not much to do. Feel free to help and suggest some things i could do to make it better thanks.

Simple, just click and shoot, character moves on his own, like the arcade shooters.
Reload: move the mouse off the screen in any direction. (if colaborated correctly and screen isn't readjusted.)


***Note: I've only been using Alice for about 3 months so it won't be the best. And I'm amazed my first thing i posted wasn't an anime related thing ^__^ well maybe due to the fact I cant get my hands on any anime objects Q_Q
Attached Files
File Type: a2w Town of the Dead v0.1.a2w (6.18 MB, 44 views)
File Type: a2w Town of the Dead v0.2.a2w (6.15 MB, 51 views)
File Type: a2w Town of the Dead v0.3.a2w (8.51 MB, 61 views)
File Type: a2w Town of the Dead v1.0.a2w (9.51 MB, 85 views)

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