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An Extremely Remedial Shooter.
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Default An Extremely Remedial Shooter. - 04-27-2011, 07:52 PM

I am trying to make an FPS of Folsom Prison, where the Inmates seize control, continuing on to wage war on the PD and Military. All I have right now is one room, no Collision Detection, an M4a1 Burst-Fire, the Default Revolver, a Non-Functional Health System, a Countdown Clock of no function (Supposed to run for length of song), Bottomless Clips, a Soundtrack, and an extremely irritating useless tutorial. (Not worth activating). The controls are as follows; W, S, A, D (Forward, Back, Left, Right, respectively.), Q, E, (Turn Left or Right, respectively), F, (Melee), SPACE (Jump), 1, 2, (Swap 1:Pistol, Swap 2:M4a1) and you have to click the circle on the right in order to fire (Red=Pistol, Grey=M4a1). Any ideas, criticism, or editing feedback would work perfectly. All whose contributions get into the future updates will have a B.A. NPC named for them, a major role in the Prisoner Uprising, and maybe their own Sub-Faction within the Prisoners. (NOTE: To those who messaged me about hijacking Threads; I apologize, I did not know where to post, and was to oblivious to find the button.)
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