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Error During Simulation-Something to do with populating arrays...
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Default Error During Simulation-Something to do with populating arrays... - 08-01-2010, 02:59 PM

I'm having an issue that hopefully someone can understand. I'm doing a project for my Computer Programming II class. I have this program where you are a penguin and have to pick up all these fish on the ground before time runs out, and you get a point for each fish you get. So far everything's working fine.

What I'm supposed to do now is program it to populate parallel arrays (as that is what the section of class is about this week). I want to make it so that when you run through a certain object it would populate an array with which object it was and another with how close you got. This is exactly what we did in class.

I tried to add on some code to make it do that to a giant candy cane, but every time I try to run it and go through the object, it says "Error during simulation" and then "Error during world stop". I've tried with different objects, and I've tried disabling various methods, to no avail. I must be doing something wrong, so if anyone can tell me what it is I would really appreciate it. The program is attached if anyone wants to take a look.

Edit: I have just tried this on an earlier and simpler program I made with the exact same results. It doesn't seem to matter what I do or how I do it, it just stops me and says there's an error when I try to populate arrays. This is getting frustrating!
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