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How to make Robot Unicorn Attack with Alice
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Default How to make Robot Unicorn Attack with Alice - 09-10-2012, 12:09 AM

So I used Alice for one of my classes in college a few years ago, and ever since then I've been using Alice constantly on my free time. My question is, would it be possible to make Robot Unicorn Attack with Alice? It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult. You would obviously need an object for the Robot and plethora of platforms. I know Robot Unicorn Attack was actually made with Scratch (a program developed in MIT). So if you could please help me/give me tips on how to make RUA with Alice, that would be fantastic. Thanks .

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Default 09-10-2012, 01:09 AM

Well that is more of a 2d game. and alice collision is pretty much garbage. However; if you insist on using Alice for such a project, I would recommend figuring out the best type of collision for your game, There was a user who practically perfected platforms/platform collisions, can't remember who it was though. you might be able to find his world for it, check for platform threads.

Then secondly Alice isn't the most efficient when it comes to processing a lot of code at once, so try to find the sweet spot of how much Alice is able to handle along the lines of rendering and processing when coding the game.

Use arty's save tool and world loader tool if you want more than one level, since I kind of doubt Alice being able to handle any more than one level at a time.

Lastly , since it is a 2d game, just use sprites instead of models which saves memory and time in general.

hoped any of that helped.

If you are stuck on a project, check out the tutorials I made here at this link:

There are lots of tutorials on it so far, including some youtube videos, check it out


Go to my youtube channel to check out my alice 2.2 tutorials I have there..
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