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Doom (A work-in-progress)
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Default Doom (A work-in-progress) - 01-30-2009, 08:49 AM

This game is really cool but has several error messages... you can play it but it really sucks right now. Press P to advance to the third level (it is the coolest).

Dr Jim, If you could fix this, that would be great.

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Default 01-30-2009, 07:20 PM

Originally Posted by MichaelRobinson View Post
Dr Jim, If you could fix this, that would be great.
Sure would - unfortunately that's way beyond my current capability. Right now the only XP machine I have access to has so limited memory that the world won't even load. On my Vista machine, it will load, but I can't get beyond the help text without getting an error message - and with the screen refresh problems - and others - I find debugging anything complex in Vista is nearly impossible.

A shame - since the graphics look really good.

Two quick suggestions:

1. Move a lot of the "event" code into methods instead. Alice always has trouble with these (when too many methods get active at the same time, the multi-thread scheduling routines break down). The "event while" is particularly bad in this respect - I avoid it whenever possible.

2. Break the code down into smaller modules - say one level at a time - and make sure each part works fine. If necessary, put in breakpoints (i.e., have the ground say "I made it to ....") to help debugging.
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