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ITSE-1429: Assignment 2
Todd Thompson
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Default ITSE-1429: Assignment 2 - 02-04-2012, 05:36 AM

I chose world PP1.3 from our textbook as the world to build for this assignment.
The world opens with a graveyard scene: night sky, a couple of clouds, cemetery gates with fencing on either side, and a closed casket on the ground beside a tombstone with large hole in the foreground.

Lightning flashes down from one of the clouds and the casket lid opens. The arms of the mummy inside are raised and the mummy sits up. Lightning flashes down from the other cloud. The end.

I didn't have any real problems with the objects that I added, except I wanted to have a zombie move across the foreground as the mummy sat up. However, I couldn't get the zombie to move slow enough. He kept zipping across the screen. I ended up using the clouds and lightning instead.

Plus, a mummy and a zombie in the same graveyard? That almost never happens in real life.
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