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Ways to use the new JAR loader
Mr Kidnapper
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Default Ways to use the new JAR loader - 01-05-2012, 10:29 AM

I understand we probably can't rely on the Alice team for features; primarily bug fixing I suppose, but thanks to Arty's new JAR loader we have more options to choose from... input from nonconventional keys and buttons being the one that notably works.
But I ask your assistance: I'd like to add a few things—three things in fact. Those being Phong shaders, Bones and Skins, and addition of Collada .DAE import/export functions. I'm probably going to do them myself but as of now I'm simply having problems trying to relate them to Alice functions.
I have already found a solution for bones and skins at but I hate places like those because it's hard to navigate.
Why .DAE? Because it's best format in terms of functionality, it accepts almost everything new 3D design programs shove into it. Moreover, it does not have that blasted 10,000 poly limit per subobject like .ASE does, and AFAIK all 3D programs export to .DAE natively. Here's a link to someone who is already doing this:
Phong shaders is a bit harder (To find.) It's not as hard to implement as the others, but in this case there is plenty of material to go ahead and code it ourselves.

Now the reason why: My reasons for doing things are a bit different from Arty's, he helps you do things and I help you do things while making it more visually appealing. In my case the only thing that limits you is the power of your GPU, though that is now probably a nonfactor. In his case, the only thing that limits you is yourself.. and probably the complexity of his programs if any. I can't seem to figure out where to find them.

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