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Question new to alice - 01-22-2011, 11:19 PM

i am doing an assignment for my class. i have programmed in the past but i had probs understanding it been a long time since ive used it. i am working on the first part which is the road to hana. this is what my instructor wants us to do:

o Road to Hana: Create a world with a convertible (Vehicles) and a person of your choice (People) that will determine the drive time to Hana. The user is asked the number of miles between the current location and Hana, and the speed limit for the road to get there. Set up variables for both of these values. Create a third variable to hold the calculated hours for the trip. The formula for hours is as follows: miles divided by the speed limit. At this point, the person should approach the camera, and the convertible should come into view, stopping next to the person. The person should then look at the convertible, turn to the camera, and say a message in bubble text that includes the time in hours it will take to reach Hana. The car should drive away, and the person should walk in the opposite direction.

o Mad Cow Disease: Create a world with a cow (Animals) and a stretcher (Furniture). The world should start with the cow facing the stretcher. The cow should begin swishing its tail, using the tailSwish method, and at the same time jump up in the air, move over to the stretcher, and come down on top of it. The cow should face the camera, swish its tail five more times, and say something about wanting to see a doctor

i am trying to get my human into the car. i havent put in a sign that says this way to hana or whatever. i just now added a speed limit but i cant seem to figure out how to put 65 on the sign. i am pretty lost right now. can someone help me? its due monday night if someone wants to chat with me by messenger let me know.
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Default sign - 01-23-2011, 04:49 PM

Create a 3D text object with 65 in it, and shrink to fit the sign. Then make the sign its vehicle in case you have to move it.
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