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Assignment 4 - Boom Boom song
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Default Assignment 4 - Boom Boom song - 09-24-2016, 07:02 PM

Hi everyone,

This was a fun assignment. My scene was of an oversized girl (like Alice, who drinks the DRINK ME potion, except that I didn't choose the Alice character from the people gallery). The girl finds herself in an amusement park, filled with strange characters.

Below is my screenplay/storyboard.

Little girl (Mana) is on the right. She is larger than normal. The White Rabbit is to her right. The toadstool is to her left. There are other characters (a cat, a turtle) in the background). The scene takes place at an amusement park; there is a roller coaster and double Ferris wheel in the background.
Do the following steps in order:
1. Mana turns her head to the left.
2. Mana says, “Where…”
3. Mana turns her head to the right.
4. Mana asks, “Where am I..?”
5. Mana asks, “What is this place?”
6. Mana looks down and turns her face to the right.
7. Mana thinks, “How did I get so big?”
8. She sees the White Rabbit and says, “Oh! Hello there…”
9. The White Rabbit looks up at Mana.
10. The White Rabbit says, “Hello!!!!!”
11. The White Rabbit says, “Welcome to the Boomtastic World of Imagination and Hyperactivity!!!!”
12. Mana thinks, “??????”
13. Mana says, “Excuse me? The world of the what and the who???”
Do the following steps together:
1. The White Rabbit tips (rolls) from left to right, and turns 360 degrees to the left, then turns 360 degrees to the right, then repeats the sequence.
2. The Cheshire Cat moves back, moves up in the air, then repeats the sequence.
3. The Turtle lifts his right leg, then his left leg. He then lowers his right leg, then his left leg. He turns a little to the right, then repeats the sequence.
4. The double wheels spins to the left, then to the right, then repeats the sequence.
5. The roller coaster resizes itself, gets larger then smaller. It repeats the resizing, at varying sizes each time.
6. The Toadstool sings the Boom Boom song while jumping in the air at random heights.

My challenges were:
1. To make the object/character jump up random heights, I set a minimum and a maximum. To make the object move back down after jumping up, I initially set the same min/max values.
However, I noticed that sometimes the character would 'sink' too far into the ground after jumping up a certain height.
I couldn't quite get the random up/down movements to coordinate, such that the character would come back to level ground after each jump.
Did anyone figure out how to do this??

2. I wanted to add a soundtrack of the Boom Boom song, to have it play while the toadstool is saying the words of the song.
I found the song on youtube, recorded it in Alice using this path:
World --> Properties tab --> expand the 'Sounds' section --> click 'record sound' to record your song --> name the song.
I didn't know how to do the next part.. you're supposed to drag the “music method” into the Editor screen of “my world method”. I'm not sure how to do this, so need to read a little more about how to import songs and make them play.

Other than the above challenges, I spent a lot of time creating each of my characters' movements in a separate method, so that I could call them in during each stanza and refrain of the song. That required lots of little tweaks within each method, to make each character's movement look different from each other. I was happy with the end result.
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