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How do I place a JPG photo in a scene?
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Default How do I place a JPG photo in a scene? - 08-28-2008, 12:19 PM

I have imported the photo as a JPG and tried to place it on a billboard, but the billboard remains blank (i.e. black--no photo showing). I also saved the photo to my desktop and dragged it onto the scene and the same thing happened--a blank billboard. I've tried with two or three different photos all with the same result. Does anyone have ideas about how to successfully do this? Thanks
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Default 08-31-2008, 09:42 AM

This should really work the way you tried, however here are a couple of other things to check. Quite honestly, both are fairly long shots - it may be that your version of Alice just got corrupted somehow.

The picture may be either way to big or way to small. I've had this problem with texturing some objects - but never with billboards. Try resizing it to about 512 x 512 pixels, preview it and then try to load it into Alice again (as a billboard).

The source for the .jpg images may have used a level of compression that Alice can't handle. (I've never had this problem but it's theoretically possible.) Go to a simple program like Paint, load the .jpg image and then save it in another format. A bitmapped format like .bmp would be good or maybe Alice's preferred format which is .png. Now again try to reload the image into Alice.

I assume you are using the "Make billboard" command with your image at the start. Sometimes (rather rarely) you can get into trouble just importing the image as a texture at a later stage.

Finally, just have the camera "get a good look at ..." the billboard and rotate it to see if in some way the image got placed on the wrong side somehow.

If none of this works works, try reloading Alice onto your machine and/or see if you can load the picture using a version on another machine.

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