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Snow Festival
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Default Snow Festival - 11-12-2009, 04:01 PM


Not sure if any of you have it but this assignment is coming out of : Learning to Program with Alice: Second Edition. Below is the world to create:

Your team has created a snowman as the centerpiece of an entry in the Winter Snow Festival competition. To attract attraction to your display, you have set up colored spotlights that will turn the color of the snowman any one of four different colors. Create an initial world with four spotlights (spheres from the Shapes folder, of four different colors_ and a snowman. Write only one method to change the color of the snowman. When the user clicks on a spotlight, pass the color of the spotlight to the method and make the snowman change to be that color.

I have attached my progress. I can't seem to figure out a way to set the parameter to change the color of the snowman to which sphere is clicked on. I need some help for the remaining month and would be willing to pay a tutor fee if necessary. Please respond or find me on AIM or yahoo messenger.

AIM sn : austinsteviehend
Yahoo sn: hendrixsrv792408

Thank you very much!
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