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Get some output from the Alice environment
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Default Get some output from the Alice environment - 07-29-2009, 04:19 PM

I'm interested in dumping some output from Alice runs to a file or to standard output (which I'll redirect to a file) for further investigation. Is it possible to do so? Or, does anyone know how to run the source code? There are so many things missing in that package so it just doesn't execute!
I appreciate any help, thanks ..
- S
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Default 07-30-2009, 12:58 PM

Honestly, this sounds like a question for DrJim. All I know how to do is see the java-like code of the Alice package and objects, not necessarily the output.

To see the code, I save a copy of the world (as a backup), then I extract all files in the world into a separate folder. In the folder are other folders, one representing each object in the world. Clicking on each folder should show you read-only files which contain the java-like code for each object.

Again, I'm really not sure what this does, but it is a good way to get around some error catches Alice has.

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Default 07-31-2009, 03:28 PM

Since my name got mentioned, I'll add my two cents - though doubt it's even worth that.

The problems you mention have frustrated me ever since I first started working with Alice. While there are many partial work-arounds - none are really satisfactory.

However, Alice 3 Beta is now out. Although it is very frustrating at the moment (I've never had it run for over 10 minutes without a crash) - it does allow you to export to NetBeans (most of the time) - and once you're there, the crashes (mostly) go away and you have a full Java environment, including many I/O options (including some MIDI play options I've always missed in Alice 2.x).

Starting in Alice, however, does let you set up a nice framework for animation - including mult-thread program setup, something I've never come close to mastering.

I suggest you take a look - and also contribute to the bug/suggestion site. In a posting elsewhere, Gabe describes the why's and advantages of that site.

Good luck.
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