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Help me !! Help me
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Default Help me !! Help me - 04-21-2010, 10:32 AM

please help me this exercise

Topic: Bicycle Rider

Build the world with BikeKid2(people) and a strip of road( city).Position the bike rider on the road so that he can ride left to right across the screen>Add a highway pole painted red and lowered so it acts as a gate across the road.

Write a class- level methoad called pedal to have the bike move his legs to pedal while the foot pedals go around once.Write a Boolean function named OK to GO which returns true if the gate is open and else the gate is closed and the to the gate.Create an event cthat turns the gate 1/2 revolution is the gate is closed and the user clicks on the gate.

( Hint: You may place a rock across the road from the gate and a knob on the end of the gate. Then you can use is an within functure to tell is the gate is open or closed)

Write a world- level methoad call ride-bike which checks to see if it is OK to GO anf if so move the bike forward 1 meter while the rider pedals.Create an event that call rideBike whenever the use clicks on the bike ride.

Test your world to make the rider can pedal up to the closed gate but not into the closed gate.The gate should open away from the rider and not wsing into him.Once the gate is open, the rider can continue to pedal down the road.

please guide for me.If you can, you can expound in detail. Thank you very much@_@
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Default 04-21-2010, 10:42 AM

WEll they are just asking, make a a rider peddaling on a high way. Make the gate open out ward, not inward, and make the rider keep going

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