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WoW based world
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Default WoW based world - 12-20-2009, 09:13 AM

1. Only 2 spells working: Spell2 for mage and warlock
2. not very effecient programming
3. Probably should have used functions instead of a few methods
4. Rogue doesn't work(couldn't find a model, and combat was hard)
5. Bad graphics (any WoW related models appreciated)
6. Cannot stop auto attack
7. Enemy does not run toward player and attack (easy fix)
8. No collision detection (although there is nothing to collide with)
9. Spells not working, including racial traits (haven't gotten to it)
10. ALL the methods are in the world class (yes i know that's annoying)

Future Improvements:
1. Fix problems
2. Better combat (including possibility to miss)
3. more spells and leveling
4. Quests
5. Possibly inventory, looting, and buying items
6. better models (again, any models appreciated)
7. Better landscape (i.e. buildings, trees, etc.)
8. improve the random walk (it's pretty choppy)
9. Making a game off of this, that has only a master class
10. Improved movement (i only used the default event with arrow keys)
11. Better enemy respawn(only respawn if you keep them targeted for 30sec)

Only, things i really need help on:
1. Models
2. Stop auto attack
3. My random walk

arrow keys - movement
z - access spell controls
click - target and turn to enemy clicked on
1 - spell 1
2 - spell 2
3 - spell 3
4 - spell 4 (spells change for each class, look at methods)
x - autoattack (continues even after an enemy dies and respawns)
c - stop autoattack (doesn't work)

As you can see, i have a long way to go. I was planning on first finishing and tuning this specifically for a human mage. BTW, there is a huge lack of comments, but each method does exactly what their name says. If you have questions, though, feel free to ask.

The second world is my mage model (sick huh?). I deleted the second part of the model from this:

Do you guys know if it's possible to delete the second shoulderpads? Or do i have to fix it in blender or something?
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