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Default 01-23-2008, 12:50 PM

Originally Posted by John_Clark View Post
no offence guys but isnt this a how do i... not a i think this... which is why i posted here looking for help not oppinions about Alice and others peoples life...
Hello John,
I will attempt to get this thread back on track, although I don't have a solution to your problems. As I understand your question, you basically have two problems:

1. How to detect collisions between pool balls.
2. How to compute the angles at which the balls rebound following the collision.

Collision detection. Collision detection is probably the most frequent single topic that has been discussed in the Alice forum and no one seems to have a good solution for Alice. I suggest that rather than using the forum search capability, you go to Google and search for the following:


This will expose about 180 postings on the topic of collision detection in Alice 2.0.

Hopefully one of them will be helpful.

Once you have done that and have seen the ideas provided by others, you should be able to develop a methodology for collision detection of pool balls. That shouldn't be too difficult given the special case that pool balls are all spheres of the same size. You may also want to do a Google search for "spherical collision"

Now for rebound angles - This is a very complex problem, which requires an in-depth knowledge of physics and trigonometry to solve. Assuming that there is no "english, a slang term known to pool players" on the ball, I'm confident that with significant effort, I could develop a set of equations based on a variety of parameters to approximate the answer. However, I don't have the time available to do that. Maybe if you search the web, someone has already done that independently of the programming language involved and you can port that solution into your Alice program.

Good luck in your search.

Dick Baldwin
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Default 01-24-2008, 12:15 PM

Ok thanks alot for the help. If I do find a good way to do collion I will post it here for others to see as well.
I found a link to one of the forms that has a simple collision program if any one wants to look at it here
I'll reedit if I can figure out a solution for a more complex collision statement.

Last edited by John_Clark; 01-24-2008 at 12:25 PM.
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