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Sniper Kill Animation
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Default Sniper Kill Animation - 04-05-2011, 05:53 PM

This is also a program that I was working on last year but never posted because I never got to finish the animations for each individual shot. Right now, you press the spacebar to zoom in and you can only perform a headshot because I have only coded for the headshot animation. Once the person dies, you have to shoot his body again to make him stand back up and shoot him again. I got the recoil to work well on this and I also already set up for the animations of every other body part.

If you want to work on this and finish it for me, you can make your own custom animations for the different body shots. For example, just go to the guerrilla object in the list and choose the method "bulletCheck" and you can see the animation I did for the headshot, and make your own for other shots like the left arm, right arm, etc. I have already calculated the correct dimensions of each shot so it should be on target for each one, all you need to do is add the death animation.

I made this program primarily to show how to zoom in for a sniper rifle if anyone wanted to adapt it for any first person shooting games that they might have been working on. If that is the case, then look at the world method called "zoom" and you can see how I made the camera zoom in with all the animations of the rifle. The "xZoom" world variable is the magnification number that you want the rifle to zoom in. You can set it to any number, but right now it is set at 10x zoom. If you change the variable to 5, it will be 5x zoom, if you change it to 40, it will be 40x zoom (thats looking really far!).
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