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OMG help me... how to keep track of things I shoot with a gun
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Exclamation OMG help me... how to keep track of things I shoot with a gun - 05-04-2009, 05:15 AM

Ok, I know this was posted already ( but the responses to the thread were really unclear to me. I am NOT GOOD at Alice, but my teammates in our game gave me the project of designing the counter.

The story is such: guy with gun is shooting zombies coming after him.

Very basic. I have tried working out the code using both a while statement and an if statement, and CLEARLY I am doing something wrong.

Does anyone have any code written for something similar that they wouldn't mind sharing with a lowly, desperate student?
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Default 05-05-2009, 11:27 PM

It will all need to be done with variables
//declare your variable in world make it a number and set its default to the starting amount of ammo you want them to have

var bulletsleft = 5

put this next code in the method called when you fire
if bulletsleft <= 0
print "shit son your screwed your out of ammo!"
decrease bulletsleft by 1
so now every time you fire it will first check to see if 0 is greater than or = to your current ammo if you have more than 0 ammo left it will take 1 off your current ammo as you just fired the weapon!
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