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Assignment 3
Kirk MacLean
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Default Assignment 3 - 09-16-2016, 11:13 AM

I have the mummy slowly walk towards the pharaoh and the pharaoh does some arm movements and the mummy face plants. This assignment was a little bit challenging for me. And I really only had problems with one aspect of it - Making that mummy walk. I played with the legs and movement for sooo long trying to make it look somewhat natural. I originally wanted him to walk more like a zombie with one leg being dragged behind him but quickly realized the walking motions are a little bit harder than i anticipated. The problem I was having was when the mummy would walk his legs would end up getting detached and move way farther then the mummy itself. So for every 5 meters the legs would be 10 meters when the upper body would only be 5 meters. I was able to use a couple youtube videos and I even came to the Alice Forum posts to look for some answers on how to make the walking look more natural and was able to create something that worked. I was also having problems including some sounds. I could not get them to run as long as I wanted and at the exact time I wanted they were usually delayed a little bit.
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