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I do I block one object (see you will aderstand)/ Finish an game.
Mega Mike
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Question I do I block one object (see you will aderstand)/ Finish an game. - 09-01-2008, 07:54 PM

How do I put one object solid, them the personage I am moving cant pass betwin him, you aderstand? I walk whit my charater to a wall and him will pass the wall, I like to put the wall blocking him, I want them him don't pass the wall, I want the wall blocking my charater, If you continue to don't aderstand say... pls help me, I have trees, and stuff I want to do them block my charater!!!!!

Another question, how do I finish an gameYou now, when evri objective is done, apear a screen saying GAME OVER, If you don't aderstand say... I just put this cause my english riting is very bad
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Default 09-03-2008, 01:32 AM

while( distance from *your character* to *the wall* is greater than *this depends how big the wall is, as to how large of a distance needed to detect the wall in front of you*)
Move *your character* up/down/left/right *however far your moving him*

Hope this helps Put that while statement on all your direction keys and for the object *the wall* you can make that an array which stores several objects(such as every object in your world perhaps? ) and you will save a lot of space instead of using hundreds of while statements

Hope this helped you
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