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Teachers: How do you use Alice?
Center for Visualization
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Post Teachers: How do you use Alice? - 11-06-2008, 11:55 AM

We have just released our annual survey to the over 1,500 instructors enrolled in our instructor's listing and many of you have already sent your replies! THANK YOU! This information helps us to see the paths that Alice has taken, the varied ways it is taught in schools and shows us some of the innovative ways Alice is being incorporated into your curriculum. For those of you on the list that have NOT already replied, please do so!

NOT OUR LISTING? Easily remedied! Just email us at You will then be on the list to receive up to date information, newsletters, and announcements of upcoming training. Better yet, complete the survey below with your information to become part of this ever growing community!

SURVEY 2008/2009:

To help us to better understand how Alice is being used in the classroom, and update your information in our files, we ask that you kindly take a moment to complete this short survey. Please email your completed survey form via “Reply”, email directly to,
or download and fax to 610-660-3026.

Thank you for your time!

************************************************** ****************************

Name: ______________________________

Email: _______________________________

College/University/School Name: _____________________________________

LEVEL OF SCHOOL (Middle / High School; 2yr or 4 yr college; other):

YOUR POSITION AT THE SCHOOL: ______________________________

SCHOOL MAILING ADDRESS: ___________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP ____________________________________

1. During the school year 07-08 (last year), did you:
____ Teach with Alice? ___Fall 07 ___Spring 08
____ Not teach with Alice?

During this present school year 08-09, are you:
____ Teaching with Alice? ___Fall 08 ___Spring 09
____ Not teaching with Alice?

If you are NOT using Alice, are you planning to teach with Alice
during the school year 09-10? ___ Yes ___ No

If you answered *YES* to any of the questions above, please continue the survey:

2. Are you using Alice 2.0 ___ Yes ___ No
Are you using Alice 2.2 ___ Yes ___ No
Storytelling Alice ___Yes ___No

3. What text do you use? ______________________________________________

4. What is the title of your course? _____________________________________

5. Please provide a two line description of the way in which Alice is being used in
your course:
__________________________________________________ ______________
__________________________________________________ ______________

6. Kindly provide the URL of the course or the course syllabus, if available:
__________________________________________________ ______________
a) May we have your permission to link to your URL from
___Yes ____No

7. Is this a stand-alone course of Alice programming or is Alice used as part of a larger
course? (check one)
Stand-alone Course _____ Part of Larger Course _____

8. If Alice is being taught as part of a larger course, what other topics comprise the
remainder of the course?
__________________________________________________ _______________

9. Please provide a one-line description of the intended target audience of the class.
__________________________________________________ ________________

10. Do you teach Java? ____ Yes ____ No
- If YES, what IDE do you use?______________________________________

Additional comments:

Please email your completed survey form to, or download and fax to 610-660-3026.


Barbara Conover, Project Manager, Center for Visualization
for: Dr. Wanda Dann (
Dr. Steve Cooper (
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