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Ahh!! Just began using Alice (for school project) and don't know how this works!!
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Default Ahh!! Just began using Alice (for school project) and don't know how this works!! - 09-04-2009, 10:49 PM

Can anyone please, please help??? Thank you!! This project is due in two weeks- ahhhhhh!
I need to have four objects (fairies, actually) falling down steadily and if the user clicks on the right object, a sequence follows. If the user clicks on the wrong objects, an alternate sequence follows and THE WHOLE METHOD RUNS AGAIN.
However, if the four objects reaches the ground without the user having clicked on any of the objects, another sequence runs which WILL NOT RUN IF AN OBJECT IS CLICKED.
This is my first time using Alice and although I tried I really have no idea what to do- this is what I've done:
1. Set four booblean parameters in the method(which is called Q1), fairy1ClickedOn etc, dragged it to the functions area for each fairy and set it at false.
2. Then I set fairies to fall down steadily, and stuck in the events menu When fairy1 is clicked do fairy1IsTrue and created another method named that that sets the fairy1 parameter to true.
3. Then I stuck in the method called Q1:
"(If fairy1ClickedOn==false and fairy2ClickedOn==false...(same for other 2 fairies)
Do method runOutOfTime and Q1
Do nothing)
(If fairy1clickedOn==true
Do method correct)"
So why wouldn't the sequece in correct come up when I clicked on fairy 1 even though the fairy1's parameter changed to true?????
Anyone? My computer teacher is totally useless, saying "it's impossible" "do something simpler" etc etc, and I've already fiddled with it for three hours
Is it even possible to do this for multiple questions, each with different outcomes?
And what is a recursive method (which popped up when I try to programme Alice to play the method again (see 3) and won't work.)
Thank you
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