This version of Alice 3 is our unofficial release that includes the ability to import custom models into Alice. It is important to note that if you elect to use this version that it will continue to be updated as we and the community test and improve this feature.  Please check back often to insure you are using the newest version.

Current Build Number: 191

* Worlds built using this version and models imported using this version will not work with our current official release.
* We will do our best but we make no guarantees that future versions of this build will not break worlds or invalidate models that have already been imported.

How to build models that will properly import (this has been included as a google doc to support continuous updates so check back often):

Import Model Requirements and Checklist

Current known issues and features being worked on:
– Flyer and Slitherer classes are not supported for import due to the requirement of included arrays and poses
— future development to include the ability to specify joints as built in arrays
— future development to explore the ability to import poses or include a pose building tool in Alice 
– Testing and detailing import process for other modeling applications

If you chose to help us with testing this new feature you can give us feedback through either of these channels:
– we will be receiving bugs from within Alice if the Angry Queen is encountered so please submit.  
– You can also use our contact form to send us feedback (please select reporting a bug and the version Alice 3 Beta)