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  • Alice 3 to Java

    Learn programming basics in a creative context that’s more engaging and less complicated. Taking a computer programming course can be challenging, t ...

    By: Dann, Slater, Paoletti, and Culyba Learn More
  • Alice 3 in Action with Java™ 1st Edition

    This 14-chapter text uses a combination of Alice 3 and pure Java to introduce beginning students to object-oriented (OO) programming concepts. Origina ...

    By: Joel Adams Learn More
  • Alice 3 in Action: Computing Through Animation

    Discover the excitement and action of computer programming immediately with this dynamic addition to any computer programming course – ALICE 3 I ...

    By: Joel Adams Learn More
  • Learning Java through Alice 3

    Are you looking for a hands-on approach to learning how to program? This book uses a mixture of Java and Alice3, a 3D programming environment, to brin ...

    By: Tebring Daly and Eileen Wrigley Learn More

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