NetBeans is a modular development environment that is primarily intended to be used to develop Java applications. The Alice team has created a NetBeans library that allows you to develop or extend Alice worlds directly in the NetBeans environment. This allows you to load saved worlds developed in the Alice 3 platform and continue to modify them directly in the Java code. We have also created lessons and exercises to take advantage of a more mediated transfer approach to learning that replicates projects in Alice in Java code applying the learning from Alice into intro Java exercises and back again.

Download NetBeans and Java JDK

NetBeans is an open source project that is free to all and is sponsored by Oracle. Please visit their site to download and find installation instructions for the NetBeans IDE.

To run NetBeans you will also need the Java JDK. If you don’t have the Java JDK or would like to insure you are using the most recent version you can download both together in one package.

Get NetBeans and Java JDK 8

If you already have the Java JDK and only need to download NetBeans you can download this directly from the NetBeans website. Be sure to select the correct version. Alice requires the Jave SE version of the IDE.

Get NetBeans IDE Only

We highly recommend that you use Java 8 if you are going to use Alice and NetBeans. This is preferred due to some included functionality in Java 8 and is required for Alice 3.4 and beyond. If you are unable to or don’t desire to upgrade from Java 6 or 7 we do have plug-ins that are compatible that can be found in the archived version section. To use them you will need to insure that you also download the corresponding archived version of Alice and the corresponding verions of NetBeans as the current version is built for Java 8. To do so visit the netBeans site and navigate to the archive section. There you can select and download the correct version.

Get Java 6 or 7 NetBeans IDE Only

Alice NetBeans Plugin
To use NetBeans with Alice you will need to download and install the Alice plugin for NetBeans. It is important to note that the version of the plugin needs to match the version of Alice you are exporting the world from to be sure it will be compatible. You can update Alice and download the newest plugin or find the compatible plugin for older versions of Alice in the archives section below. Be sure to follow the accompanying how-to directions for installing the Alice Plugin in NetBeans.


Downloads are not available on mobile, please view on desktop.

Archived NetBeans Plugins

If you are not able to update your version of Alice you will need to download the version of the plug in that matches your version of Alice.  This is required so that worlds created in your version of Alice will be usable in NetBeans. Below you can find the corresponding plugins for our major releases.

Alice Version 3.3.1

Download NetBeans Plugin for Java 8

Download NetBeans Plugin for Java 6 & 7

Alice Version 3.3.0

Download NetBeans Plugin for Java 8

Download NetBeans Plugin for Java 6 & 7

Alice Version 3.2.5

Download NetBeans Plugin for Java 8

Download NetBeans Plugin for Java 6 & 7

Alice Version 3.1.93

Download NetBeans Plugin

Alice Version 3.1.66

Download NetBeans Plugin