If you see opportunities below that you or your company would like to pursue don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information or to apply for consideration by providing relevant work experience here.

Employment Opportunities

We are not currently hiring any internal positions but please check back as we try to grow our team.

Contract Alice Regional Challenge Manager

The Alice Project will be running the Alice Regional Challenge for a second year in a row.  The team is looking for someone to manage the process on a contract basis.  This could be an individual or a company.  During the inaugural challenge the team created a blueprint for the challenge that will serve as the basis of the work with room to improve and broaden the intitiative.  You can see this documentation here.

The Alice Challenge manager should have prior experience running successful small-scale educator and student engagement programs, but they need not be an educator or programmer themselves. The ideal manager will have core competencies in project management, communications, and coordination. Additional skill sets in graphic design, social media, and web content management are strongly encouraged. The Alice Challenge manager should be comfortable learning to use new software and able to share that learning with youth and adults in variety of settings.

General responsibilities of the Alice Challenge manager include:

– Leading overall program design and implementation in coordination with other recruited resources such as an Alice trainer

– Representing the program at meetings, presentations, events, and outreach activities

– Conducting outreach to educators, students, partners, funders, prize donors, and other stakeholders 

– Coordinating and hosting educator training workshops and providing ongoing support to participating educators

– Securing prize donations

– Planning, promoting, and producing the Alice Bootcamp event

– Setting up and managing competition submission and judging platform

– Recruiting, briefing, and supporting competition judges

– Planning, promoting, and producing the final event and awards ceremony

The Alice Challenge manager should expect to spend about 400 hours working on the challenge over the course of the of the program, which averages out to about 10 hours per week. The Alice Challenge manager may not need to manage all of these tasks but should find other individuals who could fulfill these tasks with the Alice Challenge managers oversight.

Contract Curriculum Development Opportunities

We are doing a lot of work to populate our free online resources section. This includes refactoring and reformatting materials created by us and our community as well as authoring new content to meet specific needs.

Curriculum Development

Help us author, edit, and assess new lesson and curricular materials. These efforts include but are not limited to:

– Creating materials for individual lessons including facilitation guides, presentation materials, assessment materials, and exercises and projects.
– Creating and editing how-to videos and supporting reference materials.

Standards Mapping

We are looking for individuals familiar with the CSTA standards and k-12 frameworks to help us map Alice lessons and curriculum to these initiatives.

External curriculum mapping

We are looking for individuals that have used ECS, Code.org, Project Lead the Way and other curricular materials to help map opportunities for teachers to substitute or augment their materials with Alice projects and lessons.

For all of these contracts a history of teaching using Alice or similar, experience developing curricular or supporting materials, or at least a familiarity with Alice are a plus.


Contract Technical Development Opportunities

These technical initiatives could be undertaken by an individual contractor or by a company with the right skill sets and will be to augment our current internal development efforts.

Import Export Pipeline

We are currently developing an import export pipeline that will allow us to open up the Alice 3D model system to allow for import of outside models into the Alice environment using published model standards.  We are looking for assistance in this initiative in the form of:

Java Development

– Work with our team to implement and apply new model representations.
– Convert our existing representations of 3D character models from home grown representations into a new standards based format.

Candidates for this work should have experience in Java development.  3D model format knowledge is a plus.

Unity Player Development

Another major initiative is the development of a stand alone Alice player in Unity that will allow us to support the sharing of Alice worlds outside of our authoring environment on desktop, web, and mobile.  To accelearate this work we are are looking for additional resources to support our team:

Unity Development

– Implementation of a Unity VM for the Alice Language in C#.  This will include the creation of the language interpretation within a VM leveraging the animation behavior of Unity.

Candidates for this work should have experience with compilers, VMs, a wide variety of languages, or custom languages. Familiarity with java and its reflection features a plus.

VR Player Development

The above work to create an Alice stand alone player is the first milestone in a longer initiative to bring Alice back to VR.  This work spans several different disciplines and technical development.  For this work we are open to diverse teams or companies that can assist in the fulfillment of all of the different components but are also open to individuals or specialized groups with the interest and ability to assist in each of the different initiatives.

UX Design

Design the user experience that extends the authoring and publishing of Alice into VR.  This will include taking into account the current Alice authoring process and seamlessly extending this process to account for the VR components, events, and desktop testing process.

Candidates for this work will ideally have experience some or all of the following:  authoring tools, educational tools, and VR experiences.  Will work closely with IDE and Player development teams.

Java Development

– Extending the Alice desktop IDE to allow users to build and deploy on VR.
– Add VR elements, such as cameras, controllers, and events to the Alice system.

Candidates for this work should have Java and VR experience.  This position will work closely with the UX designer and the C# developer on the VM player.

Unity Development 

– Extend the unity player VM outlined above for deployment in VR environments. 
– Implementation of new elements such as input tracking for headset tracking and controller inputs.

Candidates for this work should have Unity,  C#, and VR experience.  This position will work closely with the UX design and Java development teams.

Volunteer Opportunities

Translation and Localization

Currently we have needs related to translating both Alice 2 and Alice 3 into further languages. Some languages have previous efforts and just need some refreshing while others would be from the ground up. For Alice 2 needs please reach out to us. For Alice 3 you can see the current status of our languages here

Teacher Advisory Group

We are always interested in adding teachers to our advisory group who are willing to review and give feedback on our materials in a more structured way.