Print and eBooks

  • Alice: The Programming Language

    An excellent primer for the CS0 student, as well as the ideal companion to Computer Science Illuminated, Third Edition, Alice: The Programming Languag ...

    By: Jose M Garrido Learn More
  • Alice 2.0: Introductory Concepts and Techniques

    This new book on Alice 2.0 provides the perfect approach to teaching this software to students. With its project-oriented, step-by-step pedagogy, stud ...

    By: Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, Charles W. Herbert Learn More
  • Programming with Alice and Java

    The Java™ programming language can be challenging for novice computer programmers with limited experience in object-oriented programming. To ...

    By: John Lewis and Peter DePasquale Learn More
  • An Introduction to Programming Using Alice 2.2

    …provides students with a solid introduction to concepts of programming, logic, and related mathematics through the use of Alice, a proven tool ...

    By: Charles W. Herbert Learn More
  • Starting Out with Alice

    A Visual Introduction to Programming presents a fun and motivational way for novice programmers to learn the basic tenets of programming. Usi ...

    By: Tony Gaddis Learn More
  • Alice in Action with Java™

    Using a spiral pedagogy, Adams introduces key object-oriented topics using Alice 2.0, then circles back to the same concepts in Java. Alice was develo ...

    By: Joel Adams Learn More
  • Alice in Action: Computing Through Animation

    Enliven your CS1 course with Alice in Action! This six-chapter supplementary text uses Alice, a three-dimensional virtual reality authoring system, to ...

    By: Joel Adams Learn More
  • Exploring Wonderland

    Java Programming Using Alice and Media Computation uses Alice to introduce the fundamental concepts of programming, thereby decreasing early ...

    By: Wands Dann, Stephen Cooper and Barbara Ericson Learn More
  • Learning to Program with Alice

    Learning to Program with Alice, 3e is appropriate for all one-semester pre-CS1 and computer literacy courses, and for integration into the first weeks ...

    By: Wanda Dann, Stephen Cooper & Randy Pausch Learn More

Digital Resources and Workbooks

  • Learning to Program with Alice: Resources

    These are fee online resources that were developed with the textbook.  You do not need to purchase the textbook to use these materials. By: Wanda Dann, Stephen Cooper & Randy Pausch Learn More

  • Fluency with Alice: Workbook

    This workbook is an introduction to Alice and the Alice development environment. Our approach is to introduce you to Alice by developing and exercisin ...

    By: Robert Seidman, Phil Funk, Jim Isaak, Lundy Lewis Learn More
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