We will do everything we can to help you whether it is finding you resources, providing you training or professional development, or fixing bugs in the software. Luckily we are also not the only ones here to help so please check out some of these other resources listed below or check in with our community to see if they can help as well.


We have created a number of resources from how-to documents to full curriculum that may have the answer you are looking for. We have materials on everything from how to download and install Alice or Netbeans to how to add an audio file to a program in Alice and are adding more all the time so take a look here first.



As we get questions we try to turn them around into resources but for more trouble shooting or organizational type questions we may have shared them back through our FAQ. Definitely check here to see if there is a simple answer or directions on where to find what you are looking for.


Teachers List

If you need an answer quickly or think that other teachers are your best bet then join our teacher listserv and ask them yourself. We have an active group that responds very quickly to requests for help. We also love for people to join this group and share their work, upcoming events, and things they think will be helpful directly to our community.


Open Forum

We have had an active community for a long time and many of them are better with Alice than we are. Search our forum to see if the answer lies there. If it is not something you need and answer to immediately asking in the forum may be a good place to start and will help us capture it for all time. Please join the forum and help us grow this knowledge base and community for others.


Contact Us

We are also here to answer you directly. If you have a question that isn’t answered by any of the avenues above or you just want to touch base directly to give us feedback, make requests, or tell us about things we should know about don’t hesitate to reach out. We are educators too so as the saying goes there is no bad question.