Alice 3.8 update
By Melanie Lam

The Alice team has been very eager to get this update out.  There are lots of bug fixes and improvements and we’ve introduced a brand new way to create VR worlds. Learn more about How to create a VR Project here.

Here are the technical details:

3.7 -> 3.8  released 9/02/2023 

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New features
  • Improved camera centering on an object in layout/ortho view
  • VR User (camera) has scale – Drink me! to scale up or down
  • New camera marker model for VR User
  • Larger Run window so you don’t forget its open
  • Default values of enum parameters are indicated
  • Camera views are more functional and consistent
  • Improved Handle logic for model manipulation
  • Zoom improvements for mouse wheel and trackpad
  • Round out Camera FOV and Clipping Planes across Camera/VR and IDE/Player
  • Updated Camera Markers
  • Added support for VR
Bug fixes
  • Update Install4j file to version 10 – Fixes MacOS 13 Ventura install error in dark mode
  • Fix Baby Penguin display error seen on some Macs
  • Reconnect riders on Sims after resource change
  • Prevent array out of bounds error (seen most often on Sims models)
  • Fixed so statement drag and drop doesn’t leave screen residue
  • Attach exception handler dialog to run window if it is active
  • Improve Undo logic and inclusion
  • JavaFX replaced JMF and general audio improvement
  • Pause and resume audio when pausing and resume a world in the Run window
General improvements and cleanup
  • Optimizations and logic fixes
  • Right click selects in the scene and tree navigator
  • Project and migration improvements
  • Reduce unhelpful logging
  • Improve code clarity and organization

A compatible Alice Unity Player beta v22 is also available across all platforms. This will allow you to run your exported Alice Worlds on Quest headsets, Mac, PC and Linux.

We look forward to seeing what you create with Alice 3.8!

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