Alice 3 Open Source on GitHub
By Eric Brown

The goal of the Alice project has always been to be an open source project. In the past we have maintained this in theory.  We tried to support the sharing of our code base when requested but this has been a difficult process for all involved. We have finally made our first major step in improving this process with the migration of our active code base to GitHub and beginning the process of making our projects public. The first major release is the core Alice 3 java IDE. We plan to follow this with the release of Alice 2 and the Alice Player projects.

We hope that this will enable our community to find even more ways to help support our project through active participation in the development of the project. We have not yet added specific bugs and issues to this repo but there is plenty on our active bugs and wish list. If you or someone you know is a Java expert and would like to help contribute to the project don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions about how your efforts and abilities could be focused on our current needs.

Special thanks to EA for helping us work through how to enable making our work public while still respecting their rights around their generous donation of model resources specifically for use with Alice. Please be sure to read the licenses related to use of their resources if you chose to work with our code.  While the models are available as part of the project for use in building and testing for work contributing to the Alice project you will need to remove them from any derivative work.

We look forward to making more of our work available in the future and working to engage you all to make Alice even better with the help of the community.

You can view our GitHub Org page and public projects here: