Alice Regional Challenge Announcement
By Eric Brown

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the The Last Lecture, and more broadly Randy Pausch’s ongoing impact around the world, CMU has planned several events throughout the year to mark the occasion. The Alice Project is taking this moment to announce a regional competition that will host events throughout the year. The Alice Project represents one of Randy’s many achievements that continues to have positive impact on the world. We continue to strive to live up to the hopes and expectations he had for the project. You can read more about the full schedule of events around our campus and region here.

Through our regional competition we hope to showcase the positive impact Alice continues to have on engaging kids in animation, game making, social good, and computer science education. The competition will have categories representative of these goals as well as separate entries for middle and high school level participation.

We will be announcing several more opportunities for both students and teachers related to the competition as we finalize dates. These will include professional development opportunities throughout the region, a public workshop for student participants, and an award ceremony and showcase to wrap it all up.

We are limiting entries to the Pittsburgh and surrounding area so that we can best support the teachers and students. We hope that in the future we can take what we learn here and provide support for broader participation. We are definitely more than happy to provide whatever support we can for people wanting to emulate or host their own version in their school or area.

To read more about the challenge and to sign up for a newsletter for future announcements check out our dedicated web page here.