This a world that Don Slater has used for a long time as an early Alice example world. An Alice classic that many teachers who have been supported by or trained on Alice by Don will recognize.

The animals of the African Savannah are gathering at the communal watering hole, and find that the hippo has decided that he needs to cool off. This is a bit of a concern. 

This demonstration shows the use of camera movement with camera markers through a scene. It demonstrates how to modify the SceneActivationListener in the initializeEventListeners procedure of the Scene to class to play background music for the animation. and create background constant motion (the hippo floating in the pond). The project also uses Scene-level and class-level procedures. Finally it shows the use of arrays to work with multiple objects at the same time (the bubbles).

You may find that this project is a fun story starter – What do the animals do with the Happy Hippo?